Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Kitchen is done!

The kitchen and both of my custom orders are finally done and I can move on to other things!  Here are some before and afters of our kitchen!

Our kitchen before

Our kitchen after!

Our pantry before

Our pantry after!  We moved the fridge over here and built the shelves next to it to build it in a bit.

We painted our old cart and replaced the top with some leftover countertops.

Our old dining room

Our new eating nook!  We moved the dining area to a different room to make the kitchen bigger.

This whole remodel was under $1,500...I had the help of two of my friends (also ladies with no construction experience) and we learned so much about kitchens...and building...and plumbing... :)  It was a blast though, if you're thinking of changing your kitchen don't be intimidated!  It's so much fun to change everything and you just don't need a big budget, go for it!